Thursday, March 5, 2009

Infertility Timeline

Here is a little timeline of our TTC journey so far.....

August 2006-We got Married!!

April 2007-we are both on board!!  Let's have a baby!!!

May 2008-Ok..maybe something is wrong.  OB started me on Femara because my cycles were short and she thought this would be just what I needed.

August 2008- 3 months of Femara and 3 BFN.  Referred to an RE...DR J.  We love him from the very beginning!  We definitely know God has blessed us with this Dr.

September 2008-First appt. with Dr. J.  All of my labs seem to be normal but cycles are still short.  He thinks we just might need to add some extra stims to the Femara

October 2008-CD2-6 5mg Femara;  CD 7-9 75iu of Bravelle;  CD 10 2 mature follies!;  IUI#1 BFN

December 2008-same protocol; 2 mature follies!  IUI #2 BFN

February 2009-Decide to do a lap even though I have NO signs of Endometriosis.  We know God led us down this path.  Significant Endometriosis!! Dr. J cauterizes it all!  We feel like we have a fresh start!

Feb2009-Mar2009-We decided to do another IUI w/same protocol as before.  CD 10 3 mature follies!!  IUI #3; Beta HCG will be drawn on March 12th(the day before we leave on a cruise)....


M&M Pittman said...

Rob & Lindsey -
I love that you are doing this - I pray you get encouragement you need to get you through this time. Your faith through all this is such testimony to those around you.

Alex and Jill said...

I love that you're doing labs right before you leave on a cruise! I'm trusting that the result will be positive, but either way...a cruise will be an awesome way to end a cycle. :)

I had severe endo as well, so I know the difference it can make to get that out of your body. So glad you had the lap procedure.

I'm praying girl...I'm so excited to hear the results of this last IUI!!


G & H said...

So glad you found my blog! I will be thinking of you and the 12! Its coming up sooo soon~! :)

Praying for you!