Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks(belly measuring 30 wks)

How far along? 26 weeks

Total weight gain/loss+22.5 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: Not great...but my OB gave me some Ambien today, so I might try to take that on the nights before I work, because some people that are hard to put up normally are even harder to put up with without sleep;)

Best moment this week: feeling little knees, elbows, shoulders, butts moving across my belly.  They are getting so big and very active!

Movement: Yes!  Lots and Lots in the last couple days!

Food cravings: Not really craving anything..

Gender: Two Girls!!!  With really cute little names;)

Labor Signs: Nope...they are being very good little girls:)

Belly Button in or out? Outie:)

What I am looking forward to: 28 week Ultrasound!  I love when we get to see them!

Weekly Wisdom: Surrender all your fears to God

Milestones: 26 weeks!?  Everyday is a milestone to me!

I had an appt today and everything is going great!  I haven't had any contractions and BP is good.  No swelling yet either!  Hopefully it stays this way for awhile longer!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Less than 99 days to go!

My little baby ticker says I have 99 days to go, and since that is counting down 40 weeks that really means I have 85 days or less to go!  That is not very long!  Especially since almost every weekend until then is already got things going on between showers, work, and little odds and ends we want to get done before they arrive!  I don't want to rush it, but i am so ready for July to be here so we can see them and hold them!  It is just so exciting!!

I am just feeling so humbled.  I just started crying this morning.  Just that God is blessing us with this experience and not only giving us one baby, but TWO!  I have had such an uneventful pregnancy and have just been so blessed!  I don't feel deserving of all of this.  I was also thinking about all of the awesome gifts we have already recieved....people are just so giving!  We haven't even had any of the many showers that wonderful friends and family are planning for us and we already have several clothes, some diapers, wipes, blankets, etc.  We also have been given all of our bedding, our double stroller(that the car seats will fit in), 2 pack n plays, two bouncy seats, a bumbo seat.  And we have hand me down stuff that people have given us also!  We are just so so so thankful!!!  It feels awesome to be so loved and to know that our babies are so loved already(and that they have been even before they came to be)!  THANK YOU!

I can really tell that the babies are growing!  Their movements are getting very strong!  Rob woke me up this morning to tell me bye and when I moved there was a baby way up in my was like the worst burning sensation.  I was kinda writhing around in pain and finally she must've moved down a little.  Rob put his hand on my tummy up there and he was giggling.  He said she was going crazy in there!  And then the rest of this morning they have been so active! It is so neat!!...and a little painful at times:).  I can't wait to see them again in 2 weeks and see how big they've gotten.  Work was really busy yesterday and I didn't get to sit down very much.  I can definitely feel it!  I don't know how much longer I can work 12 hour days when they are like that.  As long as not every day is like that, I think we'll be ok for a while longer though.  It is cool because now that I am almost 26 weeks, I can look at babies at work and see what my babies look like!  I feel big until I look at those babies and think, "I have two of those in here!"  Then I don't feel as big!:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Me and my babies at 25w4d and my sister and her baby at 17w3d!!!  It is so awesome that we are pregnant together!  Our kids are going to be best friends!!!  I can't wait to find out if baby Allen is a boy or a girl!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


One of my sweet blog friends, Tammy, got some really sad news today.  Please go visit her blog and give her some encouragement. My heart is breaking for her....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

24 Week Pics

Big babies!

Belly button is out!

Baby B's sweet little foot

Baby A's cute lil nose

Baby B is on the bottom and you can see baby A's foot and knee on top getting ready to give her a good kick!

24 Weeks!

How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18.5 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes...I got some hand me downs this week from some friends!

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: It's ok...the rib pain is getting worse.  It reminds me a lot of the pain after having a lap done....when the air is trying to escape and it feels like someone is stabbing you!

Best moment this week: Hitting 24 weeks and knowing that everything is going great!

Movement: Yes!  They are getting stronger and more active!

Food cravings: Not really craving anything...I just like food!:)

Gender: Two Girls!!!  With really cute little names;)

Labor Signs: No! And there better not be for a long time!  Hoping for 38 weeks!:)

Belly Button in or out? It's starting to poke out

What I am looking forward to: 28 weeks!  My first goal!  Although I think they are staying in for the long haul, which is great!

Weekly Wisdom: Surrender all your fears to God

Milestones: Viability, but I'll feel much better when we hit 28 weeks.

We got to see the girls yesterday!  It is getting harder to really see them on ultrasound because they are getting so big!  Baby A was 1 lb 12 oz. and Baby B was 1 lb. 8 oz.  We didn't really get any good pictures.  The lady doing the ultrasound doesn't seem to want to try to hard to get us some cute pics...just to get the measurements.  They also had me laying on my back and that didn't last very long until I almost passed out, so I had to lay on my side and it was harder for her to get to things.  They are still transverse though and kicking each other in the head!  As of now I am going to the Dr. every two weeks with US's every 4 weeks.  I get to do the Glucose Tolerance Test in 4 weeks. Yuck!  It makes my tummy hurt just thinking about that stuff I have to drink.

We are trying to get started on the nursery, so we went to b.abies r us last night to get some stuff we were wanting and Rob starts spotting bedding he likes better than what we already picked out.  Then I got on board with him.  So now we have to pack up the bedding we already bought and take it back and also we noticed that someone already bought our 2nd bedding and the accessories.  We knew it had to be one of our moms...turns out they went together and bought it. So now we need to get that and take it back so we can switch.  Rob is such a trouble maker!  I am glad he is the one who changed his mind this time and not me, though!:)

This is the new bedding.  It looks better in person.  It is just brighter and has more colors that we can work with.

I can't thinking of anything else right now, but I'll try to post a pic tonight!