Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Less than 99 days to go!

My little baby ticker says I have 99 days to go, and since that is counting down 40 weeks that really means I have 85 days or less to go!  That is not very long!  Especially since almost every weekend until then is already got things going on between showers, work, and little odds and ends we want to get done before they arrive!  I don't want to rush it, but i am so ready for July to be here so we can see them and hold them!  It is just so exciting!!

I am just feeling so humbled.  I just started crying this morning.  Just that God is blessing us with this experience and not only giving us one baby, but TWO!  I have had such an uneventful pregnancy and have just been so blessed!  I don't feel deserving of all of this.  I was also thinking about all of the awesome gifts we have already recieved....people are just so giving!  We haven't even had any of the many showers that wonderful friends and family are planning for us and we already have several clothes, some diapers, wipes, blankets, etc.  We also have been given all of our bedding, our double stroller(that the car seats will fit in), 2 pack n plays, two bouncy seats, a bumbo seat.  And we have hand me down stuff that people have given us also!  We are just so so so thankful!!!  It feels awesome to be so loved and to know that our babies are so loved already(and that they have been even before they came to be)!  THANK YOU!

I can really tell that the babies are growing!  Their movements are getting very strong!  Rob woke me up this morning to tell me bye and when I moved there was a baby way up in my ribs...it was like the worst burning sensation.  I was kinda writhing around in pain and finally she must've moved down a little.  Rob put his hand on my tummy up there and he was giggling.  He said she was going crazy in there!  And then the rest of this morning they have been so active! It is so neat!!...and a little painful at times:).  I can't wait to see them again in 2 weeks and see how big they've gotten.  Work was really busy yesterday and I didn't get to sit down very much.  I can definitely feel it!  I don't know how much longer I can work 12 hour days when they are like that.  As long as not every day is like that, I think we'll be ok for a while longer though.  It is cool because now that I am almost 26 weeks, I can look at babies at work and see what my babies look like!  I feel big until I look at those babies and think, "I have two of those in here!"  Then I don't feel as big!:)


M&M Pittman said...

I just read your update and it reminded me of just how exciting and wonderful and miraculous that last trimester is - you are approaching that last trimester and have so much to look forward to. I have another box of clothes for you too! These girls will have plenty to wear, it sounds like!! I just finished making the shower invites - I am so excited to see you and see your belly (in person)in just a couple weeks!!!!

Amber said...

how exciting that the time is getting so close and your little ones will be here soon!

carol said...

Lookin' good Lindsey!!!