Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're getting close!

Just thought I would update since it has been a little while. I just feel like there hasn't been much to say lately. But we are moving forward now! We got our Home Study in the mail a few days ago and it is done and approved!! Now we just have to finish up our website and our birthparent letter and get them approved and we will be "actively" waiting!! And we are getting close!!! I can't wait! All I can do these days is dream about our baby! It is all so exciting, and emotional, and a little stressful too! I am sure it is only going to be all those things and more as we wait. I trust God's plan so much though, that I know it will all be ok. It will be AMAZING!

Oh yeah we ended up choosing pic #2. We appreciate all of your input! We decided that this pic shows most accurately who we are. Hopefully it stands out to a birthparent out there!