Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Renewed Hope

Sorry that I am just now posting about this....

We went to our adoption information meeting on Saturday and we loved everything about this agency! It just so happens that they have a training program coming up this weekend(Friday and Saturday). So, we signed up and are getting everything started! They gave us all of the paperwork last Saturday and we have been working on it all week. We have to each answer some questions, do an autobiography, fill out some more paperwork, get fingerprinted, get BMV reports, background checks, get physicals, get proof of employment, have 3 letters of recommendation, and much more. But the great thing is we have all most all of this done except the physicals and we are getting those next week. Once all of this stuff is turned in, we can schedule our home visit. And after we get our Dear Birthmother letter done and the homestudy is done, we will be "in the books"...just waiting on a mom to pick us! We are sooooo excited!!! I can't wait to get all of this stuff done and just be waiting for our Match! God has just given us so much Hope and we are so excited that He is taking us on this journey to become a family!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adoption Meetings

I am so excited!! We were on a waiting list for an informational meeting at IAC(adoption agency) on December 5th(this saturday) and got a call today that they have a spot for us!! We weren't supposed to be able to go until the January 9th meeting. I was getting a little down because I just really wanted to get started, so I am excited to see if this is who we want to go with. We are also going to a meeting tomorrow night with a different agency to check out their program. I also faxed an intake form to another agency and haven't heard anything from them(maybe that's our sign that they aren't the ones for us.) It is so hard to know who to go with. I still feel the most pull towards the one that we get to meet with on Saturday, though. Just thought I would post a little update. There hasn't really been anything to update lately. We are just "patiently" waiting to get the ball rolling.