Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rice Cereal

Was not really a hit....

Our girls have really bad reflux and are huge pukers, so since they are over 4 months I thought I would try a little rice cereal but I think we'll wait a few more weeks to try again because they were not all!:)

And here are a few more pics...just because:)

 Rob caught Natalie in action!;)
 I'm not sure what this is..maybe a poop face?;)
 Syd loves to try to hold her bottle:)
They absolutely LOVE this playmat!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Annual Finney Pumpkin Carving Party!

Every year our friends have a pumpkin carving party and it's so much fun!  This year was just as fun, but a lot different too!:)  The hosts had their first little baby 2 months ago, we had our two four months ago, my sister had her little girl 6 weeks ago and another couple had their little girl, last year on the night of the party!  So there were 5 new little ones there this year!  A lot less pumpkin carving going on and a lot of feeding, changing, holding, and chasing babies around!:)  It was still tons of fun though!!

 Sydney sittin' in a pumpkin;)
 Not really enjoying it too much though:)
 Laney got to sit in the pumpkin too!:)
 The awesome hosts and our great friends, The Finneys!
 Little Cooper!...such a lil sweetie!
 My sister and her little Laney girl!
 Laney Grace
 Syd with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Jenny and Laney
 Nick, cleaning out the pumpkin for the babies to sit in!;)
 "Oh my goodness!!!...get me outta here!!"-Coop
Natalie napping
And last but not least, Bela Karolyi and Mary Lou Retton showed up at the party!;)

All Caught up!

Check out all of the new posts below!  I think I am all caught up!  Now I am going to try to keep up with this blog!!:)

October 23, 2011

Family Photos

Cutest Cows EVER!:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

4 months!(October)

my lil divas!

sweet girls

Syd fell asleep praying:)

Sweetest smile ever!

Look at those cheeks!!;)

Nattie Bear and her daddy:)

Natalie, you weigh 13 lbs 4oz and Sydney, you weigh 11 lbs 14 oz.  You both eat around 4-6 ounces every 3 hours. It varies, but Natalie takes closer to 6oz and Syd closer to 4-5oz.  You both sleep from around 9pm-8am!  Mommy and Daddy love this!!:)  You are just now in size 2 diapers.  We have just moved up to size 3-6 month clothes.  Natalie needed to move up and Sydney got bumped up but can still wear 0-3 month clothes too.  You both love to "talk"!  We are working on tummy time and rolling over but neither one of you are interested in tummy time OR rolling over!  I guess you will do it when you are good and ready!;)  Love you sweet babies!

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Professional NB pics!

A little out of order but, the girls were 7 weeks old here:)

Dr. Jarrett meets the babies!

I was so excited to take the babies to meet Dr. Jarrett!  He will always have a very special place in our hearts!...Such a sweet man that helped us achieve our dream of having a family!

September 13, 2011

3 months old! (September)

 Bath time!
Go Colts!!
 Syd and her boyfriend Coop!
me and my nattie bear!
 Sweet babes ready for beddy!
 Syd's got some wild hair
 Natalie is daddy's little mini-me
 Sydney enjoyed our walk
 Sweet Syd in her sleep sack
All of the cousins, together for the first time!

2 months old! (August)

 My little pukers!;)
 Love baby yawns!
 Sweet nattie bear
 Aunt Jenny's got it under control:)

 I love to watch them interact!
 Tummy Time!;)