Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Annual Finney Pumpkin Carving Party!

Every year our friends have a pumpkin carving party and it's so much fun!  This year was just as fun, but a lot different too!:)  The hosts had their first little baby 2 months ago, we had our two four months ago, my sister had her little girl 6 weeks ago and another couple had their little girl, last year on the night of the party!  So there were 5 new little ones there this year!  A lot less pumpkin carving going on and a lot of feeding, changing, holding, and chasing babies around!:)  It was still tons of fun though!!

 Sydney sittin' in a pumpkin;)
 Not really enjoying it too much though:)
 Laney got to sit in the pumpkin too!:)
 The awesome hosts and our great friends, The Finneys!
 Little Cooper!...such a lil sweetie!
 My sister and her little Laney girl!
 Laney Grace
 Syd with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Jenny and Laney
 Nick, cleaning out the pumpkin for the babies to sit in!;)
 "Oh my goodness!!!...get me outta here!!"-Coop
Natalie napping
And last but not least, Bela Karolyi and Mary Lou Retton showed up at the party!;)


schlatter0225 said...

Looks like a good time!

Anonymous said...

the pumpkin pictures just cracky me up! Looks like lots of fun was had for sure!