Friday, July 10, 2009


Well I went in for my second ultrasound today and I have 7 follicles that are either ready or close to ready to be "retrieved"! Dr. J wants me to take one more day of meds, come in for another ultrasound in the morning and then I will probably trigger tomorrow night and go in for ER on Monday! Wow this is going so fast! I am mostly staying positive and am excited to see what next week brings. I have a specific prayer request that might sound silly but it is really important to me. There is a "disclaimer" on our paperwork that says it could be either Dr. J or his partner Dr. M who does the ER and ET, so please pray that Dr. J will do ours. I know there are a lot of IVF cycles going on right now in his office and I so want him to be the one to do it. I just know him and really like him and he has been the one that has been through all of this with us. So please pray for that and that my follicles would continue to do what they need to do and that Dr. J will get the 3 mature eggs that we need!


Alex and Jill said...

Wonderful news!! Praying you get Dr. J. I always asked ahead of time and 'requested' the doc I wanted...if they could make it happen, they did. You might ask and see if he wouldn't commit to step in and do yours. :)

So excited for you!!


twondra said...

Definitely praying sweetie! I know what it's like to want your doctor and no one else. I know it's important. Thinking of you! (((HUGS)))

Mary Beth said...

Oh, I hope Dr J does it! Saying an extra prayer for you tonight :) exciting!

The Patterson's said...

I know exactly what you mean, and I don't think that is a silly request at all! Dr. J did both of mine and it was very reassuring since we knew him.