Sunday, January 9, 2011


.......with so much joy and thankfulness, while laying in bed, after just listening to our babies hearts fluttering's so humbling.

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Jennifer said...

:) Just smiling!

Cheri Pickard said...

I've been absent from here thru the *very* busy holidays but getting regular updates from Michelle. So thrilled to hear you are doing so well and YES I WILL PRAISE GOD WITH YOU!!!!!! SOOOOOOO excited!!!

M&M Pittman said...

I *loved* hearing the heartbeats this weekend. It was the highlight of my week! This morning Kailey is talking about her cousins and her plans to help when they arrive. She says she wants to help with their "pacis" and when they cry she will say "it's okay cute little babies"! Enjoy every minute of this pregnancy - it will go by so quickly! Love ya.

Amber said...

YEAH! Such an amazing journey to be on. Enjoy every second of it.

The Lane Family said...

It is an amazing , humbling and blessed journey to be on!!!!