Thursday, January 20, 2011

12 Weeks!

I don't have a picture today because my "outfit" is in the dirty clothes and I think I am smaller than I was last week anyway:(.  I want a belly!!!  I can't wait.  I am hoping that in the next few weeks at least I will be able to tell that it's getting bigger!

How far along? 12 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss? I finally weighed myself and I was really surprised to see that I only have gained 1 lb.  It feels like way more.

Maternity clothes? not yet:(

Stretch marks? None...I'm not even really growing yet:(

Sleep? still dreaming a lot and I have to get up to pee more during the night

Best moment this week?  I am pregnant with two babies!!  What else could I ask for?!?!

Movement?  Still have a while to wait for that

Food cravings/aversions?  I haven't had any real cravings this week...but I totally despise vegetables...which isn't really anything new:)

Gender?  I don't know....I am just ready to find out so we can really start talking about names!

Symptoms?  I thought the nausea was totally going away, but just when I think it must be gone I have a day where I don't feel good at all, but my good days are definitely outnumbering my sickly ones.  I am still tired but not near as tired as I was in the very beginning.  My lower back is starting to get sore...I guess it is because my pelvis is starting to stretch.  I got a nice lower back massage at acupuncture yesterday and it was heavenly!  Overall I haven't felt too bad at all.  And I enjoy all of the new symptoms as they come because it is just so cool to finally have pregnancy symptoms!!

What I am looking forward to?  Our first OB appt next week(13 weeks).  We get to see the babies again and maybe have our first ever abdominal ultrasound!

Weekly Wisdom?  Don't worry your belly will grow eventually

Milestones?  Our babies are officially referred to as fetuses as of 11w1d

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The Lane Family said...

Don't worry with twins give it another few weeks and you will be able to tell for sure :) I think you had grown in the last two pictures when you compare them :)

I am glad all is going well and that is awesome that you are getting lower back massages and acupuncture..GOOD FOR YOU!!!