Thursday, January 27, 2011

First OB appt!

We had our first OB appt!  It was so great!  We got to see the babies and have our very first abdominal US!  The babies look awesome!  They are getting so big!  Baby A weighs 3 oz and Baby B weighs 2 oz.  They are both still perfect!  We also found out according to our 6 week US, I was measuring 1 day ahead so we are actually 13w1d today.  Dr. H said she wouldn't change our due date anymore, but that the most accurate way to figure out the gestation is by that first US.  So I am one day further along than I thought!  Yay!;)  There wasn't too much else to our appt.  We talked to Bridget and she told us that starting at 20 weeks we would have an US every 4 weeks and at 30 weeks we would have NSTs every week.  She said she would stop labor up to 36 weeks and depending how I felt she would feel fine inducing or doing a Csection anytime after that.  I want to get to 36 weeks so bad!  One of my biggest fears is preterm labor.  I will feel much better when I hit 28 weeks.  Ok now for some pictures!!

Baby A(closest to the exit route;))....look how sweet with it's hands up to it's face.  The US tech says she thinks this one is a boy because he was stubborn and kept flippin over making it hard to get measurements.  "He" also had his little feet crossed(indian style). And he's the bigger one.  HR was 153 bpm

This is Baby A(on top of baby B right now) sweet "she" just layed there with her arm over "her" face and had "her" legs crossed at the knee.  She was so cooperative....must be a lil lady!;)  HR was 150bpm

Both of our lil Angels:).  So thankful for these little ones!

I need to stop referring to them as he and she.  That US tech has me thinking they are a girl and boy now. I can't wait to know for sure!  We don't have another US until 20 weeks, but I think I am going to have a friend do one at work at around 16 because we can't wait!!  Oh Bridget also said there is a possibility that they could be identical...we won't know that until we do a test after they are born.  They have their own placentas but Bridget is an identical twin and they both had their own placentas.  Rob thinks it would be cool if they're identical because he said if they are, he thinks it is that 3rd embryo that we ended up putting back that split:)...I guess we'll see.

How far along? 13 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss? still only up 1 lb

Maternity clothes? I bought some and I love them!  They make me look pregnant!  I look really pregnant at night, but not so much in the morning:)

Stretch marks? None...I need to get something to start putting on my tummy though

Sleep? still dreaming a lot and I have to get up to pee more during the night

Best moment this week?  Seeing the babies!!

Movement?  getting closer to that.  They are very they just need to get a little bigger

Food cravings/aversions?  I haven't had any real cravings this week and am having very few aversions if any.  I am VERY thankful for that!

Gender?  Boy/Girl???....I am just ready to find out so we can really start talking about names and start shopping!

Symptoms?  I feel like I am having to pee a lot more often.  I feel like the Nausea has went has been close to a week.  We'll see if I start feeling it anymore.  I don't really think I have much else going on right now.  Still tired but not near as tired as early on.

What I am looking forward to?  Having an US at work to find out the genders!

Weekly Wisdom?  Don't worry your belly will grow soon and then you'll wish it would stop!;)

Milestones?  We are in the 2nd trimester and we got to have our first abdominal US!!!

I thank God several times a day for these miracles!  Thank you Jesus!


Jennifer said...

How precious :). Can't wait to find out the genders!

gmajane55 said...

Wow that is a lot of info! So neat that they could be identical. I did better with these pictures. Still studying them. would like to go with you and see sometime firsthand! Only 2 and 3 oz that is amazing that they are so busy already!! cant wait to see who we need to shop for!

Amber said...

So exciting...2nd trimester already?! It will go so fast. Wasn't that ultrasound so different from what we are used to?! So glad things are going well!

The Lane Family said...

I love the ultrasound pictures they are just amazing and I am so happy for you guys!!!

I know it seems like it may be slow but the time really will fly bye!! I know the fear you have of getting to 20 weeks then 28 then 32 and so forth we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!

M&M Pittman said...

I read somewhere that with IVF the odds are actually 1 in 50 that one of the eggs will split and result in identicals, whereas the odds with a "natural" pregnancy are more like 1 in 200. So interesting! I am absolutely dying to know the genders and if I am absolutely dying to know, I can understand how you can't wait! I need to start praying now for the babies to "cooperate" and not be shy about their "parts" whenever that US happens :)

Cheri Pickard said...

Well, if they are identical, you won't have a girl and a boy! :-) So we shall see!
You look so cute in your maternity top! I'm so glad you bought those maternity jeans. Those things are AWESOME. I wore mine way too long *after* delivery! ;-)
Take care, little momma!