Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NICU stay

After the first couple days that the girls were in the NICU, they were doing so good that we thought they would be home within the week.  Then they decided that eating was not their thing;).  They got feeding tubes placed because they either wouldn't wake up and eat or would just eat a little and not enough to meet their minimum amount needed for growth/hydration/etc.  Sydney also developed severe reflux and had several episodes a day where she would drop her heart rate and oxygen saturation really low.  She would go limp and turn blue and need stimulated to start breathing again. That was the hardest thing ever.  I see babies do things like that all the time at work, but being the mom makes it WAY different.  I will be a better NICU nurse now that I've experienced being a NICU mom.

 Mommy and Daddy cuddling our babies

 One blessed mama!
 And a blessed Papa too!
 Sweet Nattie Bear
 Nattie under the bililight
 Little Syd with her pacifier as big as her head;)
 Sydney working on bottle feeding
Tiny Natalie

 Little Syd/Big bow!:)
 Me, my sister, Natnat and baby girl Allen:)
 Mommy and Nattie Bear 
 Sydney smiling
 Mommy feeding Natalie
 I love that little face...she's so tiny
 Sweet Syd under the bililight
 Syd looking for her food:)

 One of my fave pics ever!
 Friends Forever
How did I get so lucky to be these girls' mommy?!


Jennifer said...

They are so cute and the pictures of the two of them together are amazing.

Amber said...

The picture with them holding hands is ADORABLE! I love it!!