Sunday, August 21, 2011

June 22, 2011

Today was the day our precious baby girls were born!

I went into the hospital on June 17th due to me having a horrible headache and feeling "yucky" and my blood pressure being 140/102 at my doctors appointment that day.  They immediately admitted me to L&D and put me on strict bedrest and started me on Mag Sulfate(worst stuff ever!).  They also gave me some IV and oral medication to bring my blood pressure down.  I ended up spending the weekend there and was doing better so my Dr. decided to send me home(June 19th) on bedrest and instructed me to call if I started feeling bad again.  I also received steriods for the babies lungs during that stay.

Me at 32wks 3days(1 wk before I was admitted to the hospital/our last baby shower)
Getting ready to go home after our first hosptial stay

On June 20th, I went in for a BP check and a non-stress test.  My BP was still on the high side at 138/92 but still manageable on my oral meds at home.
On June 21st I was at home and my mom was with me and I was feeling horrible, but was trying to just ride it out because my Dr. only works wed, thurs, friday and I thought I was probably fine, but by that afternoon I gave in and called the nurse.  The dr. on call had me go to triage and it was a good thing I did because while I was there my BP just kept getting higher and higher.  It got up to as high as 170/113.  They admitted me and put me back on Mag and said that their goal was to keep me pregnant until morning when my dr. would be there.
So the next morning my Dr. came in and said it was time to get these babies out.  So I was scheduled for a C-section that morning at 11:00.  I was exactly 34 weeks.  Both babies were head down but I was so sick I opted for the Csection over being induced.
This has to be one of the worst pics ever but it shows how bad I looked and felt (right before the Csection)

They took me back to the OR right around 11:00 and got me all prepped.  
My BP dropped really low right after the spinal so I wasn't feeling so hot here either.:)

At 11:18 our beautiful, loud daughter, Sydney Jane, entered the world at 4lbs 11oz and 16.9inches!  The NICU team was there ready to take over since they were 34 weeks, but first my wonderful dr. ran around the drape and showed her off to me!  She was crying the whole time and had the cutest cry!  Then at 11:19 our second, beautiful, more quiet daughter, Natalie Lynn was born at 4lbs 15 oz and 17.1 inches!  They were both perfect and needed no help breathing.  They were checked out and then taken to the NICU(anyone under 35 weeks goes automatically).

One of the babies fresh out of the womb;)...maybe Natalie

Syd getting cleaned up

Natalie on the left, Syd on the right

Heading to the NICU

Daddy announcing their birth to our family!!

My Dr. kept me on the Mag and bedrest for the next 24 hours so I couldn't get out of bed to go see the babies but my wonderful nurse asked if she could push me over to the NICU in my bed so I could hold my babies!  She was so sweet!

I can't believe she's mine(Sydney)

Love at first sight(Natalie)

They did so good!  They were eating everything by bottle and breathing totally on their that point I never imagined it would be another 6 weeks before we would have them both home....more posts to come.  It might just take awhile;)


Anonymous said...

congrats on your new additions! Cant wait to hear more.

Alex and Jill said...

They are just beautiful!!

Your delivery story is much like my own with Amelia. So glad you and your girls are doing well.


kdactyl said...

So excited to see your new posts. your girls are precious. Can't wait to hear all the catch up stories.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I also have twin girls that were born March 31st. of my girls name is Sydnee Jane! AND my name is Natalee. What a huge coincidence. You have great taste in names :)