Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A couple of fun things

First of all, I got the cutest/funniest card in the mail this weekend.    It is kinda a big deal in my family that I have boobs now because that has never been the case:).  My mom and sister were the ones with those...and my sister-in-law too!  Even my 12 year old nephew when he was about 2 or 3 asked me why I had little boobies!!  Also my now 8 year old nephew, Will, saw a pic of me when I was starting to show.  My mom was showing him on the computer.  He looked at it and asked her, "when you're pregnant and your belly grows, do other things grow too?(while kinda pointing to his chest)"  Mom said, "yea, they do."  He said, "I thought so."  LOL  So there are a lot of conversations about these things these days...mainly because I have been so proud!;)  So anyway, here is the card I got in the mail from my mom.  She said she just had to get this card when she saw it.:)

Love it!

Also I went shopping at an outlet mall this weekend.  My goal was to buy clearanced winter clothes for next winter for the girls.  I had lots of fun and didn't buy tons, but was proud of myself for the deals I got....and I didn't buy everything pink or exactly the same.  We figure sometimes we will dress them alike...sometimes in coordinating colors....and sometimes in totally different outfits...  Here are the things I bought

And these were the first things I bought when I found out they were girls.  Our babies at work love these pacifiers(s.oothies) and usually once they've had these they won't take anything else.  And I found these cute lil stuffed animals attached to them and their called w.ubanubs.  Now they each have their own little animals..

I will be 18 weeks tomorrow!!  I won't do a survey since I just did my 17 week one and there isn't anything new this week.  I am maybe feeling movement but what I feel, feels like gas and I have a lot of that so it's hard to differentiate;).  I will try to post a new belly pic in the next couple of days.  Probably thursday since I work tomorrow.  Hope everyone is doing great!


The Lane Family said...

The clothes are adorable and since I am a mom of twin girls I will say that we do dress them alike sometimes, sometimes in the same thing but different colors and sometimes completely different it is so much fun..you will love it and be a great mom!!

I know the problem you are talking about with your breasts...I am there with you but I do look great when I am pregnant :)

Patterson Family said...

LOL! I got that same card!! Glad things are going well. So excited fory ou!