Wednesday, March 30, 2011

22 Weeks!

How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 13lbs (I was told that my "double chin was so cute" this week;))  I've decided to embrace the weight gain of a twin pregnancy, so I am glad I could laugh at that comment:)  People say the darndest things! LOL

Maternity clothes? Yes...I'm going to need to get some bigger ones pretty soon!

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: It's ok...I've been having a lot of back and rib pain lately which makes it hard.

Best moment this week: Rob getting to feel the babies move from the outside!

Movement: Yes!  I can even see little kicks from the outside too if I hold real still:)

Food cravings: Anything not good for me!

Gender: Two Girls!!!  

Labor Signs: No! And there better not be for a long time!  Hoping for 38 weeks!:)

Belly Button in or out? Just barely is getting pretty flat

What I am looking forward to: Seeing the girls again on my birthday!  My 24 week US is that day!:)

Weekly Wisdom: Surrender all your fears to God

Milestones: Kicks that we can feel and see!!! And agreeing on names!


M&M Pittman said...

Oh,I am so happy that Rob got to feel the girls moving!! You are curently in my favorite stage of pregnancy. We would sit forever and "watch" our babies move. We would put the TV remote on my belly and watch the baby "kick" it off. I loved waking up in the morning and seeing a little heel or knee making a little "point". Yes, embrace the weight thing - I gained over 30 with Braden and people do say the craziest things. When asked my due date by a total stranger, I told them and they said Are you sure it's not sooner, you look like you could go any day! I just smiled. Something funny to write in your baby book. Love to you both!

The Lane Family said...

That is is great that both of you get to feel the girls moving. I LOVED that when I was pregnant and Jim loved to watch them and feel them as well.

I like your cravings...that made me smile and I say enjoy some fo those cravings because there will be to keep you busy once they are here:)

Your weekly wisdom is great as well and I think applies in so many areas of ones life :)

You look great and I am glad all is going well!!!

Amber said...

Congrats on 22 weeks and 2 girls! How exciting

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on 22 weeks! I also read the post below about the nursery and love that saying you have for the wall. I ordered the neatest huge wall hanging/picture frame with that scripture! It's my favorite!

M&M Pittman said...

Can't wait to see the latest pictures - soon?!