Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 weeks!

30 weeks(measuring 38 weeks)!

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +25 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: Not very good, but the Ambien doesn't even do anything for me, so I'll just have to embrace it as part of pregnancy;)

Best moment this week: knowing that the girls will be here in 6-8 weeks!  That isn't very much longer!

Movement: Yes!  Lots and Lots!  Baby A is definitely much more active, but Baby B's placenta is kinda in her way so i don't feel her as much.  But I think she is just calmer too:)

Food cravings: Not really craving anything.....I've actually been nauseous again

Gender: Two Girls!!!  That as of right now, don't have any names. I changed my mind:)

Labor Signs: Not Really....starting to have some cramping and possible contractions but nothing consistent or worrisome.  My OB is going to check my cervix at my next appt in 2 weeks.

Belly Button in or out? Outie:)

What I am looking forward to: 32 week US to see how big they are by then!

Weekly Wisdom: Surrender all your fears to God

Milestones: We've made it to the 30's!!

I have a funny little story I might as well share.  I had been sick when I was supposed to drink my glucola for the gestational diabetes test, so I didn't drink it. Instead I drank it last week for my appt.  Well I started drinking it and I felt a little icky as I was sipping it but it really didn't taste that bad.  I got half of it down in 5 minutes.  Then I felt like some of it might come back up. My plan was to swallow it back down so I wouldn't have to do this again.  Well when it came up, it was way more than I thought it would be and it sprayed outta  my mouth all over the mirror in the bathroom.  Then I continued to throw up in the sink and while I was doing that I was peeing all over the floor!  Oh the joys of pregnancy!  I had to laugh, because it really was funny once it was all over:).  So I drank it again today and managed to keep it down.  Now I just hope that I pass because I don't think I can do the 3 hour one.  I think I'll just go on a diabetic diet instead!:)


andrew,betsy,& noura said...

You look great! Noura said "WOW!" at your belly:)
funny and sad story! Miss you and so excited you hit 30 weeks!

gmajane55 said...

You look fantastic little Mama! Love you!

The Lane Family said...

You look AWESOME for 3o weeks!!! Your have done very amazing with keeping your sweet baby girls where they belong!!!

The story was sad for your but funny as well because I SOOOO know what you are talking about when it comes to peeing your pants while dealing with something else :)

I also have to tell you that it does not go away once the girls are born in fact...jumping on the trampoline is a practice in bladder retention!!

Hang in there..and look forward to holding those beautiful girls and feeling your heart more and your arms completely!!

Jackson and Lyndsay said...

You look amazing Lindsey!

Unfortunately, I totally know where you are coming from with the vomit/pee story...I did that more times than I can count! Have you sneezed while pregnant?? :) hehe

Trina said...

30 weeks!!! This is so exciting. You look great!