Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our first baby purchase!!!!

The BOB Revolution stroller

I have always dreamed of having a jogging stroller when I had a baby....Now, I have been very weird about buying anything for baby before we actually are matched with a birthmother, but I have been sooo excited and can't wait until I can go to Babies R Us and actually pick out things for OUR baby!! So anyway, my sister texted me the other day and told me that her husband's cousin was selling their BOB stroller because they are having another baby and they want to get a double. It is very gently used and they were selling it for almost half the price of a new one! I was so excited but still kinda hesistant to make a baby purchase, but Rob said, "yeah, lets just got ahead and get it." So we did!! Yeah!!! I can't wait to put a baby in there!!

We were supposed to have our home visit yesterday but, our SW got sick, so we are going to try again next Saturday. We are still working on our "Birthparent letter". We just sent in our 3rd draft to see what they say. It is kinda like a huge college project, where 90% of your grade depends on that one thing. That's how it feels. It is kinda stressful. I will glad when all of this is done and we are just waiting to be matched.

Well we don't really have much else going on. We are getting ready to go see both of our parents who are in Florida for the winter, here in a couple weeks, so that is exciting! Hope everyone is doing well!


Just Believing said...

Great buy on the BOB! Everyone told us how awesome they were so I caved and got one and at first I was like I don't need this but now I LOVE IT! It is so the best thing ever! I totally plan on getting the double when #2 comes our way! Make sure and purchase all the attachemnts for the car seat and handle bars so useful!

BM letter is nerve wracking for sure but I am sure you guys will do great! Just be you!! If you ever want any tips or just someone to give an opinion feel free I can eevn send you a copy of ours!

Shannon said...

Great stroller, what a deal!

Glad the adoption process is moving along, cant wait to continue to follow your journey.

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

i just got SOOOO excited reading this!!!!

M&M Pittman said...

How fun to buy something like this - definitely an opportunity you can't pass up! I have a double jogger (not a BOB, just a Baby Trend) and I use it way more than I ever thought. My friend's daughter just finally outgrew hers at age seven! So, you are sure to get a lot of years out of it! We are praying for you guys and this very involved and intense time of preparing the birthparent letter.

Jennifer said...

I love the stroller! I just found your blog through a TTC blog. I wanted to say hi and tell you I am so excited for you. I am sure this will be a wonderful and exciting journey.

JohnsonFamily said...

We have this stroller and LOVE IT!